21 Book-o'-Lanterns That Will Put Your Game to Shame

Over the weekend, we busted out the child-sized pumpkin carving tools and attempted to make some passable jack-o'-lanterns. My wife made a successful witch carving using one of the patterns in the kit. I, on the other hand, went rogue and tried to make a pig free hand. It went...ok. Not pictured here for oh so many reasons. While I wish my pumpkin carving game was a bit stronger, there are true artists out there playing in a realm I could never achieve. I have collected a bunch of literary/book themed pumpkins that really impressed me. Hopefully they'll inspire some of you to up your game and create an Infinite Jest-inspired tennis/drugs pumpkin or a Dune-inspired desertscape. Me? I'll probably just try to pass my pig off as "Charlotte's Web".

Without further ado, here are the glorious book-o'-lanterns: