Huffington Post Seeks Tips From Romance Writers

This morning, I received an email from a Huffington Post writer seeking information to help new romance writers get up to snuff and I'd like to pitch them a story based on your input. Here is the specific information that was shared with me:


Looking for professionals in the romance business to offer tips
on: - how to get started - how to learn more about craft and the
business end -what a new author's main focus should be. Would
also like insights from romance authors on the worst thing they
can do and the best.


Romance editors, authors who write romance writing how-to books,

Do you fit the bill and have some advice to share? Please fill out the form below before noon on April 28th and I will include you in my pitch. I have never worked with this writer before and there is no guarantee that they will pick up the story. If they do, I will tweet out the link for you all to share.