The Top 26 #AllergyClassics Tweets

A few very poor puns on my part, with the hashtag #AllergyClassics, started a flurry of tweets last night that actually trended around dinner time. Apparently, you all had plenty to get off your chests so you dusted off some classics and let them fly.


While I couldn't possibly share them all here, I have collected some of the tweets that I personally deemed as "Best of Allergy Classics" and have shared them below. Have some that you wish you'd posted? Add them in the comments below!

26. Saturday Nut Fever

25. Three Gentlemen of Ver'runnynosea

24. Flowers for Allergen-On

23. Great Expectorations

22. Waiting to Inhale

21. All the Pretty Horses I Cannot Touch

20. Phlegmony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

19. Off Mites & Men

18. The Kleenexorcist

17. Do Androids Dream of Being Allergic to Sheep?

16. Bridget Jones' Dairy Intolerance

15. The Merry Hives of Windsor

14. To Hive & Hive Not

13. A Sneeze Grows in Brooklyn

12. Asthma Lay Dying

11. American Histamine X

10. Desperately Seeking Soothin'

9. The Hoarse Whisperer

8. Anaphylaxis of Green Gables

7. One Flew Over Ah Chookoo's Nest

6. The Wonderful Wheezer of Oz

5. The Old Man & the Celiac

4. A Brief Histamine of Time

3. Harry Potter & the Order of the Kleenex

2. No Country For Mold Men

1. The Pollen Count of Monte Cristo

Thank you all for participating in a thoroughly pointless and silly moment! You definitely made my Monday.

See all the tweets here.