Revisiting The Buzz 154 Project (Take Two)


Just over a year ago, I kicked off a project to crowd-source short videos of people reading each and every one of Shakespeare's 154 sonnets. The plays continue to get loads of love in media and in schools but the popularity of his poetry has seemed to wane in recent decades (but we're working on changing that). I called it The Buzz 154 Project and it was very well received; all readings were claimed within two weeks and overall people seemed to be excited. As tends to happen, though, some of the enthusiasm didn't exactly pan out. In the end, I was still able to gather 85 great videos. 14 months later, I've decided that I'm not content to have the project fizzle out at only 55% completion so I'm reopening the project! As of right now, April 17th, 2017, I need 69 people to step up, grab their smartphones, GoPros, and/or pleographs, and film themselves reading a short poem!

How it will work:

- You will fill out the form below to let me know you are interested.

- I will assign you a sonnet to read. If you have a strong preference for one of the poems below, you can request it (but no guarantees that it hasn't been assigned/claimed already).

- You will film yourself reading the sonnet and then send me the video clip in a way that I can download it (Google Drive preferred).

NOTE: While "filming yourself reading the poem and sending it to Buzz" may seem like the most basic part of the assignment, it's also the part that almost 70 people forgot last time. As much fun as this is, I'd rather complete this project during Part 2 so please follow through if you sign up!

- You will become part of history. Well, kind of.



If history serves, I may need a few "make up" volunteers in a week or so depending on how many volunteers fall off.

If you're really enthusiastic about the project and still want to film some good ol' fashioned Shakespeare, you could always pick out a monologue and film it as well! I don't intend to collect videos of all the monologues (at this point) but would be happy to post any videos.

Thanks again for all the enthusiasm! Make sure to scroll down and start checking out the videos!


(If you do film a sonnet or need to contact me for any other reason):

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