Writing Prompts from Magic Realism Bot

Fans of Gabriel García Márquez and Jorge Luis Borges are already familiar with the literary sub-genre of magical realism. For those of you who are new to the category or just need a quick refresher: 

Magical realism, magic realism, or marvelous realism is a genre of narrative fiction and, more broadly, art (literature, painting, film, theatre, etc.) that, while encompassing a range of subtly different concepts, expresses a primarily realistic view of the real world while also adding or revealing magical elements.
— Wikipedia

A highly engaging and unique style, magical realism isn't easy to jump into as a writer. So who to turn to for ideas to get started? Why, Magic Realism Bot of course! MRB is an account that I (and many others) discovered on Twitter long ago. The bot generates tweets every four hours that I think would make phenomenal writing prompts. Below are a few to get you started, although I suggest checking out the full feed yourself when you have time.

If you are a writer who does choose to draft something off of one of these tweets, I'd love to see it!


And, Of Course

I'm sure that at least one of those sparked your imagination. Now go forth and create!

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