Bin Laden's Bookshelf: 34 Books Read by America's #1 Enemy

bin laden's bookshelf.png

It has now been well over 6 years since "America's #1 Enemy", Osama Bin Laden, was killed in Pakistan during Operation Neptune Spear. In the wake of his death, US forces seized all of Bin Laden's possessions from his compound, including the contents of his bookshelf. Through a wave of releases from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in 2016 and earlier this year, a list of English-language books from Bin Laden's own bookshelf has been published. When reading through the list, you'll definitely see a clear pattern of his obsession with taking down America, hearing accounts of his own acts, and Noam Chomsky. The only real surprise on the list to me was his apparent interest in the Illuminati. See below for a list of 34 titles from that bookshelf.