Transcription: HP Lovecraft's Letter to Author CM Eddy Jr on Nov. 20th, 1924


As of today, Buzz Bookstore has acquired a handwritten letter from “the father of modern horror”, HP Lovecraft, to his friend and collaborator CM Eddy Jr. In looking through my collection of Arkham House “Selected Letters of Lovecraft” books, I was unable to locate a existing transcription of this particular piece. With the help of a few fellow reddit users, I have made my best attempt to copy down his words so that you can read them. Below the transcription, I have also provided some notes on a few things he references within the text.

Nov. 20

Dear CME Jr: -

Telegram just arrived. Sorry to have delayed so, but have recently been in turmoil of engrossing misfortunes, financial & otherwise, amidst which not a moment of unworried leisure has existed.

For one thing, my wife has suffered a nervous breakdown – in hospital 10 days, later on farm in Somerville, NJ for rest and now back again pending breaking up of housekeeping, which her health necessitates. Just where I shall board depends on what comes of my latest effort at a commercial affiliation – am hanging on here for present, & will tell you my new address when I have one.

Not a moment to touch DD&B, but here it is. And you can tell that ass Wright for one that the story is much better with its present cumulative beginning than it would be with any popular magazine abrupt opening. Tell him to study the work of Arthur Machen & note how “The Great God Pan” starts.

Hope all goes well with you. Did Hancock ever send you “The Three Imposters”? If not, I must get after him.

More later — & meanwhile pray accept my apology for delay of your tale. Hope it gets a good art heading. I’ve seen the Brosnatch drawings for my “Festival” & “Randolph Carter”, & although they’re good, they don’t fit the narratives any too well.

Well – that’s that. Hope you place DD&B to advantage & that the readers take to it. Meanwhile best wishes for your musical ventures & general financial state.

Till breathing time –
As usual
Your most obt servt

Regards to all the household
P.S. Song came – thanks & congratulations!

Notes on References:

  • DD&B refers to the story “Deaf, Dumb and Blind” that Lovecraft and Eddy co-wrote. It was written during the year 1924, which is how we are able to place the exact date of this letter. It was published in Weird Tales Volume V, Number 4 in April of 1925. While it seems that Eddy actually did the majority of the writing, with Lovecraft primarily acting as editor, Lovecraft received top billing for the story.

  • “Wright” in this case refers to Farnsworth Wright, the editor of Weird Tales from November 1924 to March 1940, editing 179 issues in all. He and Lovecraft did not always see eye-to-eye as is evident here.

  • The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen is often noted as having influenced the writing of HP Lovecraft. This clearly corroborates that theory.

  • The Three Imposters is another work by Machen. Hancock seems to refer to Ernest La Touche Hancock, a friend of Lovecraft.

  • Andrew Brosnatch created much artwork specifically for Weird Tales, including fifteen cover pieces.

  • “Festival” and “Randolph Carter” are, of course, references to Lovecraft’s short stories The Festival and The Statement of Randolph Carter.

If you have any questions about the letter or believe that I may have incorrectly transcribed any particular words, feel free to comment below. Pictures of the actual letter can be view on the listing page (link below).

Handwritten Letter from HP Lovecraft to author CM Eddy Jr (November 20th, 1924)
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A handwritten letter from HP Lovecraft to his collaborator, CM Eddy Jr. Measures 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches, written in ink on hotel stationary. While he was a prolific letter writer, the majority of his actual letters are held in institutions or private collections so this is a rare offering indeed.

Topics range from personal life, to writing, to music. Based on the reference to their jointly-written short story, Deaf, Dumb and Blind (“DD&B”), this letter must date from 1924. For the full text transcription and notations on the references, please read here.

Overall, the letter is in very good condition. It will ship securely-packed to any US location. For international shipping options, please contact me before ordering.

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